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Eco heroes in Stara Zagora

In May in Stara Zagora was held a series of joint initiatives of Bulecopack and the Municipality of Stara Zagora, in schools and kindergartens under the motto "ECO HEROES".

Students and children from different age groups took part in the events. For the children were prepared corners for separate collection with a yellow container for paper, plastic and metal and a green container for glass, as well as samples of various types of packaging waste. The participants were included in various lectures, role plays, quizzes, raffles, and eco gardens were created in kindergartens.

They were shown and explained the cycle of separate collection and they were able to touch the so-called. granulate – the final product after recycling. The children themselves came to the conclusion about the importance of separate collection and subsequent recycling. It is not only a matter of protecting our environment, but also a matter of efficiency, an opportunity to save raw materials, reduce the release of harmful emissions into the atmosphere and save the resources of planet Earth.