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Reuse of packaging is an important process in the steps to reduce the waste we generate on a daily basis.
It is important for children from an early age to understand the benefits of reusing as a positive step towards environmental protection.
Change starts at home! 

 Here are our suggestions for reusing packaging at home:
  • Metal cans can be decorated and turned into an interesting pot or pencil case.
  • Plastic boxes of ice cream, in addition for storing other food, can be turned into boxes for storing various items - small children's toys, makeup, sewing accessories and whatever you choose.
  • The cut plastic bottle of water or soft drinks can be used for a pot or a small bowl of nuts.
  • The various cardboard boxes can be transformed into interesting games for children such as a doll's house, car park, bird house, various board games and much more.
  • Challenge your child to think of ingenious ways to reuse packaging and empty boxes. Offer him to transform cardboard boxes, kitchen rolls, egg shells and much more into useful items, using his imagination.
  • Teach your child to always use both sides of a piece of paper when drawing.
  • Turn the glass bottle into a table lamp by placing ice lamps in it or use it as a vase.
  • Glass jars can be used to store a variety of dry foods, cereals and spices. And their caps can be colored and used for coasters.
  • After consuming the liquid soap or detergent, do not dispose of the package with the pump, but simply refill it. Most manufacturers already offer this type of filler.
  • The large tube of detergent is ideal for watering with which to water your flowers.
  • Make an interesting card from different packages by cutting out letters, pictures and different elements.
  • You can make any decoration for your home from plastic, glass, metal and paper packaging, it only takes a little imagination!
If you still can't find the purpose of the packaging you use in your daily life, you can breathe new life into it by throwing it away in their designated containers for recycling.