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Children from Kardzhali took part participated in eco initiatives

The community center "Rodopski far 1938" in the town of Kardzhali organizes initiatives with ecological orientation and eco workshops, which Bulecopack gladly supported. The activities, part of the project "Learning and developing", engaged the children's attention to the topic of environmental protection and human impact on it.

For the days dedicated to the separate collection of packaging waste, we provided various informational and educational presentations and materials that introduced children to all the processes related to the proper use of colored containers for packaging waste, separate collection of packaging waste, their subsequent treatment , recycling and turning them back into a product. In order to make separate collection more accessible for children and to help cultivate a conscientious attitude towards separate collection of packaging waste, we also provided cardboard bins for the territory of the community center.

During the initiatives, the children made interesting items from waste materials, including pencils and book dividers.