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"Pre-Christmas Recycliad" for GREEN WEST

Almost half a ton of paper waste was collected in hours at Pre-Christmas Recycliad, which was organized by Bulecopack and the West District of Plovdiv Municipality on December 14 in Ruzha Park. The initiative enjoys great interest the citizens of the area, who brought waste of paper and cardboard, the amount collected was approximately 500 kg.  All who took part in the initiative received a gift a bottle and a reusable bag, which are a great alternative to reduce the use of plastic bottles and plastic bags, which are one of the main pollutants, but disposed of in the right place - in the separate waste collection system, they continue their "life" by being recycled. During the campaign, environmentalists from the West region and the Regional Manager of Bulecopack for Plovdiv Municipality - Victoria Getsova, held talks with citizens about the benefits of separate packaging waste collection and how to properly separate their waste.