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Competition "Let's turn waste into art"

On the eve of Earth Day April 22, together with Mrs. Lyuba Klenova – Deputy Mayor of Samokov Municipality and the environmentalists of the municipality, we awarded the kindergartens that ranked in the competition "Let's turn waste into art".

The competition for the production of a project from different packaging, handy and natural materials was held among the kindergartens in the Municipality of Samokov on the occasion of Earth Day and aimed to encourage the attitude of children to the planet Earth and to send a message for the holiday, in the protection of nature.

Kindergartens "Zornitsa", "Zvanche", "Samokovo" and "Detelina" took part in the competition and presented their projects within the deadline. The developments were reviewed and evaluated by representatives of Bulecopack AD and the municipal administration. The project of kindergarten "Detelina" was ranked first, the second place was "Samokovo" kindergarten, and the third was awarded to kindergarten "Zornitsa", fourth place was taken by the project of kindergarten "Zvanche". Bulecopack provided prizes for all participants in the competition.