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Bulecopack and Valchedram Municipality with a large-scale information campaign on separate collection

During the months of April and May, Bulecopack and Valchedram Municipality organized various initiatives with a focus on separate collection for residents and students of the municipality.

Part of the activities were awareness campaigns for the residents, during which students from the Club "Ecology" at the Center for Support for Children and Children's Complex distributed promotional materials and explained to citizens how to properly separate packaging waste.

The other initiative, which was aimed at the students from the municipality of Valchedrum, was the competition "The beauty of my homeland", during which the children made various panels of waste materials, birdhouses, drawings and posters with ecological content. All children who took part in the competition received prizes provided by Bulecopack.

The information campaign ended on May 10 with the campaign "For a Clean Environment", during which residents of the municipality of Valchedram brought their separately collected packaging waste to the specially organized point of the Municipal Market - Valchedram.

We thank Deputy. Mayor of Valchedram Municipality – Mrs. Miglena Stanimirova for the efforts she is making and for the joint campaigns with which we want to draw citizens' attention to packaging waste pollution and separate collection as a solution to this problem.