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"For a clean environment" in the "Iskar" region and in the municipality of Sandanski

In May, the campaign for separate collection of packaging waste "For a Clean Environment" was held for the residents of Iskar District and Sandanski Municipality.

For the implementation of the initiatives, special points were organized, where citizens brought their separately collected waste of paper, plastic and metal.

Anyone who handed over their separately collected packaging waste according to the requirements received a gift and participated in a raffle for winning headphones. Special prizes were also prepared for the residents who handed over the largest amount. In the Iskar district, Emil Alkalay left with a drone. In Sandanski, the awards for the largest quantity handed over were two – a smart phone and a drone, which went to Yordanka Hristova and Darina Chakarova, who handed over 141 kg respectively. and 56.5 kg.

The main goal of the campaigns for separate collection of packaging waste, which Bulecopack organizes together with the municipalities with which it works, is to draw public attention to the pollution with this waste, to form a responsible attitude towards nature and the surrounding world and to build commitment in the population to its conservation.

With their active participation in the "For a Clean Environment" campaign, residents expressed their "green" position and desire to reduce packaging waste and left their personal contribution to environmental protection.